About Us

Our Story So Far…

Springwell Alternative Academy Spalding opened on 1st April 2019, with the aim to provide high quality education to the young people of South Lincolnshire. We work very closely with the Lincolnshire Local Authority, local schools and external agencies, to ensure we offer an educational package that is suitable to the needs of young people that require an alternative approach to that of mainstream education, whether that is for a short period of time or for a little longer.

Our young people can either join the academy via the Lincolnshire inclusion and behaviour ladder, on a 16 weeks intervention placement or sadly, when they have been permanently excluded. Either way our goal is the same; to recognise all our young people as individuals and strive to provide a high quality educational package that considerate of both their academic and personal development.

Currently our Spalding site is under construction and in the interim we are based at our Boston home on Carlton Road. We will keep you posted with regards to developments to our new site but we aim to be relocated by January 2020.

29th July 2019 – work has begun at our new site.