Our Shared Common Goal

"We are committed to creating and providing a positive learning experience for all of our young people in a safe and nurturing environment which is considerate of their individual needs."

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Welcome from the Executive Principal and Head of School

It is with great honour to welcome you to Springwell Alternative Academy Spalding as Executive Principal.

I believe a school is the heart of its community and it must do everything it can to support all its neighbours, striving to bring positive moments of inspiration and joy.

‘Unconditional positive regard’ underpins everything we do and we are strong believers in creating many positive moments for all our young people. Moments that will last a lifetime. We value the power of positive relationships and it is important our academy is welcoming, safe and caring, in order for our young people to learn and prosper. We recognised a lot of our young people require additional support and our curriculum ‘building block’ approach allows us to create learning opportunities that are suitable to the needs of our young people and appropriate to their developmental age.

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  • Wellspring Academy Trust

    Wellspring Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust with a Barnsley-based Head Office. We are a Trust at the cutting edge of educational innovation. Our success so far has been founded on the principle of professional freedom enhanced by rigorous Quality Assurance and support systems provided by the Trust.

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